Chips, carrots and hospital visits

Chips, carrots and hospital visits

My Saturday night supper was a bit of a let down after all.  Fish and chip shop chips and a bag of carrots!

Low stocks at my local M&S lead to this lack lustre supper, however, the alternative would have been me selecting a non vegan meal and throwing away my commitment of the last two weeks.  So I savoured every chip and carrot that went into my mouth!

Sunday could have presented me with a challenge, however, we stumbled into Waitrose and I marvelled at their great vegan section. I will definitely be going back to grab a few bits for the freezer, mainly to avoid another Saturday night let down.

I did come away with three vegan pizzas on yellow label and their vegan cheese and onion rolls (not bad).

Visiting poorly Dad in hospital, who is hopefully coming home soon to then visit poorly Mother-in-law left me feeling like I would struggle with meal choices but it has actually been pretty manageable.  Whilst in Waitrose I bought some meatless mince and prepared a delicious spag bol using some leftover marinara sauce – it was a success!