This kickboxing vegan CAN

This kickboxing vegan CAN

I used to run to keep fit; I hated it.  It was a chore and a struggle get out of the door. I could very easily dissuade myself from running, a constant battle in my head, often talking to myself – hating every step.  I did it because I wanted to be healthy and set my children an example.  Plus I have had a hatred of my arse for as long as I can remember; it’s too fat, wobbly and covered in cellulite, I thought that running was the answer.

Thankfully I no longer run.  For the last two years I have been kickboxing.  Initially dragged along by a friend to take up the offer of a 3 class trial for £5.00 with boxing gloves thrown in.

I was immediately hooked!

A five minute warm up of running around followed by six, one minute rounds of burpees, sit ups, hill climbers etc.  Then the fun begins.  Three minute rounds of hitting the bags following set combos by the instructors.  The class lasts 60 minutes and I have never partaken in any exercise which makes me sweat so much.

So, now I go four times a week and love it not only for the physical benefits but mostly for the mental benefits too.

With a Dad going through chemo who has just contracted pneumonia this week and a wonderful mother-in-law who has very recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, two kids, a long suffering husband, and a full time job in sales, I need to keep a clear head as much as I can.

What I have noticed after exactly two weeks of being a vegan, is that I can train harder and gain better results on my Fitbit!

Now, what do I have for dinner tonight?

Any suggestions for a new vegan gratefully received……

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