And so it began

And so it began

The unexpected vegan

Who knew at 41 I would turn vegan. After constantly mocking vegans and vegetarians (including my veggie son) I decided to become a vegan.  What prompted this life changing decision I bet you are wondering; well, it was my bestest friend telling me about this programme on Netflix – The Game Changers (I still have not seen it).  

This friend of mine is a firm meat eater, in fact he doesn’t really care what he eats or drinks and I have witnessed some of the worst foods going into his mouth – scotch eggs, kebabs, bacon and egg sandwiches, lager, lager and more lager.  Pretty standard I am sure, also, the last person on this planet I would expect to tell me he would like to try being vegan twice a week!

This is great I thought, if he can be so enthusiastic about it there must be some truth in this.

So, since 2nd November 2019 I have been a Vegan!

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